Marikina City: Barangays Jesús de la Peña and Barangka

Marikina is an old town, with lowland Tagalog farming communities existing before the arrival of Spanish settlers in the early 1700s. Near the winding Marikina River is the San Isidro Labrador Church, built in 1630 by the Jesuits in what is called now Barangay Jesús de la Peña (the barangay is the smallest local government unit, named after the houseboats of ancient times). Situated in a very narrow street and sandwiched between modern houses, this chapel marks the start of the Spanish colonialization of the Marikina valley.

01 1630 Jesús de la Peña Chapel or San Isidro Labrador Church 4
Jesús de la Peña Chapel or San Isidro Labrador Church

Driving back to the main road of A. Bonifacio Avenue is the Leodegario Victorino Elementary School, named after former town councilor of Marikina. At the front of the school is a monument to the Philippine National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. This statue was erected in 1968, and is probably a cast of an original work by either the National Artist for Sculpture, Guillermo Tolentino, or Anastacio Caedo.

02 1968 Jose Rizal, Leodegario Victorino Elementary School 2
Leodegario Victorino Elementary School

After the Leodegario Victorino Elementary School, there is the San Jose Manggagawa Parish, Tanong Chapel.

Also along Bonifacio Avenue is the Barangka Barangay Hall and Health Center (the branagay is the smallest political local government unit). In the front of the Barangay Hall are seven sculptures of the barangay chairpersons of the Barangka district, from 1929 to 1994. These were sculpted by Jonas Roces in 2009. Featured are the following barangay chairmen:

2009 Jonas Roces - Barangka City Healt Center 1
2009 Jonas Roces – Barangka Chairmen

1929-40 Teniente Roberto Francisco

1947-50 Teniente Tomas S. Roxas

1950-52 Teniente Ricardo Guzman

1952-60 Teniente Lucio Cruz

1960-63 and 1968-94 Kapitan Ruben G. Tiburcio

1964-65 Kapitan Teodoro C. Ayuson

1965-67 Kapitan Alfonso F. Mendoza

Not far from Bonifacio Avenue is the 1975 San Jose Manggagawa Parish, along Don Gonzalo Puyat Street.

1975 San Jose Manggagawa Parish, Barangka

Finally there is the Loyola Memorial Park, which was built in 1965 as the final resting place of the communities that developed from the nearby Ateneo de Manila University. Not only is this a cemetery, but it has become a park for people to walk freely within the greens, and great works of art by the masters.

1972-74 Eduardo Castrillo - The Redemption 01`
1965 Loyola Memorial Park

Barangka is the gateway from Marikina City to Quezon City, where a whole new collection of art, architecture and other historical artifacts can be discovered.

Marikina Barangay Barangka.PNG

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